Mitch Trachtenberg

I am an experienced developer of Mirth Connect (TM) channels and software using the HL7 standards. In addition, I am experienced with Python, C, XSLT, SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL), Javascript/ECMAScript, and Linux/UNIX tools. I have extensive experience training experienced programmers, and have taught classes in the X Window System and X toolkit-based GUIs, OpenGL, OpenInventor, as well as in UX principles. I do jobs from my home in rural Northern California, and will travel in order to train groups.

I will get your projects done on time and below budget, and can be involved from design or simply at implementation. My email is at, and the first part of my email address is mjtrac.

For information about "VaxTrax," a program that sends vaccination information from spreadsheets to immunization registries via Web Services and HL7 VXU messages, please click here.

For information about "Up to Speed with Mirth Connect," please click here.

Are you looking for the draft of my Mirth Connect Survival Guide, which, when completed, became Up to Speed?

Please email me at the address above if you would be interested in online Mirth training. If you have three or more people needing training, a private course may be economically reasonable; I also schedule public online courses as interest requires.

I was a volunteer with the Humboldt County Election Transparency Project, now just the Elections Transparency Project. Are you looking for my essay on machine counting without the need to provide ballot templates for each new election?